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Benefits of digipak CD packaging and printing


Plastic CD packaging often breaks, which makes it impractical in transport and storage. That is why more and more people choose digipak packaging. This solution is cheaper and more durable. Printmasta disc printing house offers cardboard digipak packaging. The production is digital. Packaging has a matt or shiny finishing, according to client’s preferences. Printmasta manufactures diverse digipak CD packaging types, including 4p digipak, 6p digipak, 8p digipak, or even DVD digipak. The company makes imprints on such packages, it is also possible to add a booklet cut or two trays, one for a CD and the other one for a DVD. The production of digipak CD packages uses high-quality materials for durability and proper protection of discs. For more information, please visit, where you can also find contact data for queries and...   =>   more about company Printmasta

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